Five Reasons to Choose a Bed and Breakfast

I have found that many people are leary of booking a bed and breakfast for their overnight stays.  In my opinion it is because it is not what they are used to and afraid to leave the comfort zone of a typical hotel.  I am not speaking of luxury hotels or resorts, as they are a different vacation entirely.  However, if you are going away and looking for a great place to stay, why not consider a b and b instead of a typical hotel?  Here’s why you should:

ATTENTION TO DETAIL:  Many bed and breakfasts are owned by the Innkeepers.  Because of this, they oversee the entire operation and keep a close eye on every aspect.

SAFETY:  Bed and breakfasts are typically located in historic buildings that have been updated and restored.  They are often in smaller towns such as Manasquan check these guys out.  For this reason they are closely regulated.  Buildings must be up to code and they are inspected regularly for fire, health and maintenance.  Innkeepers are required to also reside on the premises and must be available should a need arise.  They have personal contact with every guest that is staying on the property.

COMFORT:  Unlike a typical chain hotel, there are usually many areas in a bed and breakfast where you can simply relax other than your room.  There are gardens, porches, reading areas, etc. and do not have the hustle and bustle of guests coming and going. They are conducive to having a glass of wine or cup of tea and simply unwinding from a busy life.

CONVENIENCE:  Bed and breakfasts nowadays have the same amenities as hotels.  Wifi, air conditioning, private baths, cable tv, etc. are all available.  They are usually located in areas where restaurants and shopping are easily accessible.  In our case, so is our beautiful beach!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST….BREAKFAST:  Obviously, breakfast is a must in a bed and breakfast.  Every inn is different, but you can be sure it is fresh and delicious whether it be a buffet or sit down experience.  In our case, we provide a full breakfast made daily by yours truly.  It is always included in the rate.

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