A Little Girl and an Old House

When I was a little girl my family used to go to Bills Personalized Authentic White NFL Jersey (S-3XL) a farm in upstate New York called “Nellie’s Farm”.

This was a dairy farm owned by Nellie and Claude Krum…..I kid you not.  And even more surreal  in this day and age…..Aunt Daisy did all the cooking.  And the road that you turned on to get to the farm was Krum Road.

This was a stone farmhouse surrounded by fields and woods.  There were little back cabins which you could sleep in or you could choose to sleep in the main house.  The cabins were cozy, but I liked staying in the house.  You slept in a big brass bad covered in beautiful old quilts.  In the morning you would wake to the smell of bacon and pancakes….I still can smell all the aromas of that house.  The breakfasts but also soap and fresh grass and yes, cow manure.

After breakfast you would run around outside all day, go the “swimming hole” which was a hike through corn fields, go and look at the baby calves or go for a hay ride down in the lower field.  The time flew by and it was such fun.  We would be there with my cousins or our friends from Brooklyn where we lived at the time.  Just a couple of families enjoying life in the country.

There was a great big bell near the house that they would ring when it was time to wash up and get ready for Cheap NHL Jerseys dinner.  We would then go into town and have pizza or something else  After dinner the adults would build a big fire and sit around and chat.  No alcohol was aloud, but from the sounds of them, they definetely had it stashed somewhere.  We got to hang out around the fire and then we were sent off to bed.  Snuggled in that cozy brass bed with the smell of the fire and the laughter of the adults, I felt so happy and content.

Nellies Farm is just a memory now.  A memory of much simpler times.  The farm wasn’t officially called a bed and breakfast, but when I look back now I realize it was.  So all those years ago the seed of a part of my life was planted.  Somehow I knew I would never live in a new house (which I haven’t) and somehow I have ended up owning my own bed and breakfast.  A totally different setting, but a b and be nevertheless.  There are brass beds and iron beds and cozy quilts just waiting for someone to sleep in.  And although I don’t have an Aunt Daisy helping me, I do have Aunt Judy and I myself make some great pancakes.

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